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Film quality determines the quality of film gloves

Part of the material of labor protection film gloves is film. The quality of film directly determines the quality of gloves. If the quality of film is not good, it is not allowed to work in a place with higher temperature. Quality  film gloves, with good heat and cold resistance, can adapt to various harsh environments, but also resist the corrosion of various strong acids, strong bases and general chemicals.
Generally, the transparency of the film surface is higher, and the brighter one indicates that the gum is better and the natural wear resistance is also very good, because if the auxiliary materials are added, the transparency of the adhesive will be affected to a great extent, because the film adhesive is nearly transparent under the natural state.
It also needs to test its permeability, immerse the glove in water, pressurize the inside of the glove, and determine whether there is air leakage according to whether there are bubbles or water drops on the surface of the labor protection film glove. Some gloves are not suitable to use the air inflation method, but water leakage detection can be used. If there are water drops on the surface of the gloves, it means that the gloves are not impermeable.

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