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The method of judging whether the film glove penetrates

The film glove is a new type of labor protection glove which can replace the point plastic glove in China. It is also an emerging product in the labor insurance market. With a certain anti cutting function, can greatly reduce your labor insurance expenses. It has good oil resistance to all kinds of grease, especially suitable for all kinds of iron and masonry environment. Any glove will penetrate if it is used for a long time. How to judge whether the film glove is penetrated?
1. Check whether the glove has swelling phenomenon (glove material adsorbs solvent molecules, volume expansion).
2. Check whether the gloves are cracked and whether the liquid has penetrated.
3. Look at the gloves have local discoloration phenomenon, especially the finger parts contact with more chemicals, this kind of gloves is often anti chemical gloves.
4. See if the gloves become hard and brittle after wearing.

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