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Maintenance methods of PVC labor protection gloves

There are various types of labor protection gloves. In general, we often see PVC labor protection gloves in our daily life. They are mainly made of polyvinyl chloride and are not easy to be damaged. They are very convenient to use. The following is to introduce the maintenance methods of PVC labor protection gloves:
The color of PVC gloves made of synthetic rubber should be very uniform, and the palm part should be thicker, but the thickness of other parts should be the same. And its surface should be relatively smooth. It is important that there is no damage to the top of the glove, otherwise it can no longer be used.
   2. After using PVC labor protection gloves, the outer edge and lining part of the gloves should be cleaned, and coated with talc ash to level the security. Special attention should be paid to never put the gloves directly on the ground.
   3. PVC labor protection gloves should be inspected regularly. If any damage is found, corresponding measures should be taken.
For PVC labor protection gloves made of rubber, you should not let them contact with acid and other substances for a long time. At the same time, labor protection gloves should pay more attention not to let such sharp objects contact it.
5. Chemical penetration resistance of PVC labor protection gloves is very difficult because of its physical flexibility, including resistance to repair scissors, tear, puncture and wear.
  6. PVC labor protection gloves should be tested for their pressure resistance and electric resistance every half a year, so as to avoid the danger caused by the reduction of these properties due to long-term use. As long as you can keep these three aspects in mind in the use process, labor protection gloves should be used in the correct way, which can not only ensure the integrity and durability of gloves, but also ensure their own safety.
   the above is the maintenance method of PVC labor protection gloves, using the correct method for maintenance, can make it more effective to play its durable and strong characteristics, but also can extend the service life, long-term play its work effect.

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