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Performance of film gloves

As a new type of labor protection gloves, film gloves have the characteristics of excellent material and exquisite texture. It changes the application defects of traditional labor protection gloves and is deeply loved by the market. Film gloves are used in various industries, mainly because of its * and cotton material is used on the back of the gloves, while there are some films inside. The part used more is the internal film, which increases the wear resistance. In addition, there are:
   1. Resistant to high temperature and cold. The temperature range of film gloves is from - 38 ℃ to 138 ℃, which can adapt to various harsh environments.
  2. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance. It can resist the corrosion of various strong acids, strong bases and general chemicals. Its acid-base resistance is better than ordinary nitrile gloves. It is suitable for working in the environment of acid-base and chemical contact. It has strong alkali resistance and general solvent function.
Wear resistance and cutting resistance. The wear resistance of film gloves is 21 times that of ordinary natural latex gloves and 11 times of ordinary PVC gloves. In addition, its normal service life is 188 days. In addition, it also has a certain anti cutting function.
To sum up, the film gloves are mainly labor protection gloves, and the material is veil glue. The main function is to protect the operator's hands from injury, which is more wear-resistant, heat-resistant and chemical resistant, and is suitable for harsh working environment. As one of the labor protection gloves, the performance of the film gloves is very special, so it is widely used. The quality of the gloves produced by our company is guaranteed, which has achieved a good reputation.

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